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We have different language programs to suit the needs of every student with different levels of English proficiency. We offer ESL, Academic Preparation, and TOEFL Preparation to help you achieve your academic goals.


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 International Student Application Process

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Oct 4 - Journal Square Farmer's Market

Catch us at the Journal Square Farmer's Market from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m on Wednesday. Come say hi!

Jul 27 - Field Trip to Federal Reserve Bank in New York City

Learn how the dollar is made. Join the group on a trip to Manhattan to the Federal Reserve Bank.

Jul 29 - Picnic at the Park

A CAMPUS yearly tradition! Spend the whole day with your fellow students, CAMPUS teachers and staff at the park with barbecue, fun & games.




“I like many things in CAMPUS Jersey City mostly the fact that  everyone is friendly. I have learned many things from the professors and my English is so much better than before.”

Level 3, ESL